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Guest Lecturer
Dr. Hemphill’s lectures are lively, informative and can be wonderfully interactive, depending on the format.

Vito’s talks vary in length and can be specifically tailored to the needs of your audience. Topics can be combined and also presented as a half or full-day workshop.


• What Is Binary Testing And How Can It Be Used To Make Clinical Choices

• How Clinical Intuition Techniques Allow You To Communicate With Your Patient's Higher Self

• Choosing The Best Medication For Your Patient Using Muscle Testing And Drug Samples

• What Is The Higher Self And How Can It Work Consistently With The Personal Will

• An Ideological Shift: From Thinking To Asking

• How Clinical Intuition Can Be Used to Access Emotional, Mental, And Spiritual Information

• What Are Subtle Bodies And How Do They Cause Dis-Ease In The Physical Body

• Self Healing Processes To Balance The Subtle Bodies

Guest Lecturer

Dr. Vito Hemphill is available to lecture on the practice of Clinical Intuition at hospitals, universities, conferences, and other educational events.

Please contact Dr. Hemphill to discuss his participation in your upcoming meeting or event.

Contact Vito: (505) 982-6665 or
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