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Clinical Intuition

Clinical Intuition
Client Phone Sessions
and Practitioner Classes

This is a Profound Ideological Solution for Diagnosis and Treatment

Treatment For Clients

Clinical intuition provides you with the ability to receive intuitive information –– guides you in a practical way to assist in the healing process –– be it for food, nutritional products, surgery, herbs, drugs or emotional and mental patterns –– for yourself and others.  Intuitive testing can literally be used to answer any yes-no question. Clients can ask Vito questions on the phone or in person to clarify health and personal issues.

Clinical intuition increase awareness. Patients begin to see more of themselves and others. Increased awareness allows for new choices that bring better outcomes. Clinical intuition connects the personal and higher wills so that health and lifestyle choices are made with greater consciousness. Dr. Hemphill has personally guided thousands of people using his clinical intuition process. He enjoys his one on one work with patients because it allows the patients to open up and share about topics that were previously unseen. Clinical intuition brings the unrevealed truth up into consciousness. It could be as simple as which drug to take or it could awaken you to a 'yet unacknowledged' childhood of sexual abuse.

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Classes For Practitioners

Cost based on $300 per hour. Please call to book Dr. Hemphill for your project.

Clinical intuition provides physicians with the ability to receive information from the “Higher Self”. It is a diagnostic tool that can be used to assist in the healing process, be it for emotional, psychological or physical issues.

As a physician, you were most likely taught science, logic, and protocols for treatment, based on your working diagnosis. If you follow the 'flow charts,' you should have a good clinical result. This information is based on previous patients responses to similar challenges and treatments. This 'medical model', although used for years, has worked well, but it is limited. By strengthening the muscle of your intuition via clinical intuition, you can provide your patients with an added perspective and confirmation while making important clinical decisions.

For example, there are many options when it comes to prescribing drugs. Commonly, doctors will try the least toxic drug first. If the drug fails to create a positive change, another one is tried until you get an affirmative result.

Clinical Intuition can show you, in two minutes time, how to test actual vials of prescriptions to determine, from the onset, which substance will best treat the patients condition. You can also 'ask’ how long and how much of the substance should be used to re-gain their health. The scientific mind is still consulted in every case. The additional guidance gives you substantial improved results.

If your patient is allergic to a specific drug, you can use this methodology to see which drug will be safe and determine immediately if the prescription is positive (+), neutral or negative (-).

As a highly skilled physician, isn’t it your desire to determine quickly which drug(s) is best to treat your patient's condition?

This process confirms professional humility and integrity. Instead of thinking you ‘know’ what your patients need, you can 'respectfully ‘ask’ what would serve them best.
Your choices will yield better results and you will be respected as a 'doctor who listens and takes time to ask and hear what each patient really needs.

Clinical Intuition can also be a diagnostic and treatment modality for emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Once the practitioner receives the yes or no answers, forty-four symbols can be utilized to hone in on more specific information and the status of the patient's subtle body. When synthesized, these two levels work together to create clarity, ease, and grace.

Clinical Intuition is not just a process to be used in the office. It is a way of life. It connects you to your Higher Self. The inner clarity and balance achieved from this technique creates an energetic alignment within oneself that translates into your external life.

Imagine functioning from this deep, profound space all the time . . .

Imagine your life getting simpler, more focused, more enjoyable, and more effective for yourself and your patients . . .

Imagine . . .

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