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Book - Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All of Your Self

Book - Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All of Your Self
This self-help book teaches readers how to look at themselves in a new way in order to make positive changes in their lives.

Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All Of Your Self” by Dr. Vito Hemphill defines the four archetypes (positive masculine, negative masculine, positive feminine, and negative feminine) and teaches you how to see yourself from this perspective.

By understanding how these archetypes affect you and your world, you can learn to take practical steps to change that archetypal balance to improve your life. This book teaches self-awareness. There are practical exercises, concepts, and worksheets taught as a three month home program.

Book - Four Faces in the Mirror: Seeing All of Your Self (Softcover)
The cost is $11.95 + Shipping
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eBook - Download in PDF format
- $8.95

Audio Book - Download in MP3 format
- $14.95

DVD - Four Faces in the Mirror: The Practical Exercises

DVD - Four Faces in the Mirror: The Practical Exercises
Learn practical techniques to see your self more clearly using this simple and effective method.

This audio-visual tool is a great supplement to the book which carefully explains the theory behind these practical exercises. You can use this DVD and your computer to print out the twenty worksheets used with these practical exercises.

DVD - Four Faces in the Mirror: The Practical Exercises
The cost is $24.95 + Shipping
100% 30 Day Money Back Gurantee!

Digital Video File - Download in M4V format
- $19.95

Subtle Body Balancing Course Manual

'Subtle Body Balancing Course Manual'

(In PDF Format)

By Vito Hemphill, DC

This book is a detailed manual for the six month practitioner's course.

Sample Chapter:

Healers of all denominations are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Health can be achieved by exploring the true causes of disease and by using the body's innate inner wisdom to identifying specific techniques for healing. This book teaches how to access information from the Higher Self to facilitate those objectives.

The Higher Self is the personal guardian angel that privately and continually inspires greater spiritual clarity. Some hear the Higher Self as a voice; others receive guidance as inspirational thoughts. Regardless of the method of conveyance, input from the Higher Self is received at the personal will level. The role of the personal will is to translate the guidance received from the higher will.

An increased alignment of the higher and personal wills is critical to spiritual development. A fully-actualized being will be able to act consciously from both levels simultaneously, thereby preventing the negative aspects of the personal will (ego and shadow) from sabotaging the higher spiritual purpose. The alignment of higher and personal wills will also ensure that karma is no longer produced. Then, truly the "above" and the "below" will become One.

The length and cost of therapy can be significantly reduced by obtaining information directly from the Higher Self. Mental interpretations of issues can cloud understanding and prolong the therapeutic process. Because the Higher Self knows what issues need to be addressed and the proper sequence for addressing issues, it can identify key points and outline processes necessary for healing.

Binary testing is a technique that permits direct communication with the Higher Self. The term "binary" means that the answer to any given question posed to the Higher Self is either yes or no. Kinesiology (muscle testing), dowsing, pendulum, and inner-asking are various types of binary testing. Yes or no questions are formulated silently or stated aloud for the benefit of the patient.

This book poses questions that can be asked of the Higher Self through binary testing. The healer's ability to choose appropriate questions at appropriate times is, obviously, pivotal to the success of both the diagnostic and therapeutic processes. Toward that end, chakras, the tarot major arcana, elements, and numerology are defined as a language of the Higher Self to be used in binary testing, although other symbols systems are easily substituted. Additionally, this book will explore creative meditation, visualization, color therapy, breath work, affirmations, Kundalini yoga exercises, and emotional-release exercises to promote healing.

The vibrational rate of the earth is increasing exponentially. Incoming energy from other star systems is accelerating our spiritual growth and understanding. The human race is evolving genetically and energetically towards subtler light-based bodies capable of translocation and able to be supported by solar radiation. Some beings will develop variable grid systems that will allow movement from third-dimensional, carbon-based bodies into fifth-dimensional, light-based bodies and back again.

In order to take full advantage of the opportunities being presented for spiritual growth, however, the subtle bodies must first be cleared. Once the subtle bodies have been purified, they will literally hold more light. Humans must evolve from a fear-based approach to a love-based approach in order to facilitate the creation of a light body.

Healers can expedite the clearing of unconscious, subconscious, and conscious blockages held in the subtle and physical bodies, which will permit humans to advance into fifth dimensional light-body beings. Of course, a conscious desire to achieve these goals will accelerate the process. The techniques and processes suggested in this book will promote changes in the physical DNA structure, thus building new subtle body light receptors within the emerging light body grids. The ultimate goal is to assist in identifying and healing issues which will promote the experience of love, joy, and union with Spirit that is the destiny of all spiritualized beings.

Copyright 1994
Dr. Vito Hemphill, DC

eBook by Dr. Vito Hemphill (PDF)
- $19.95

Doctor's Secret Files

Doctor’s Secret Files

By Vito Hemphill, DC

(in PDF Format)

These are practical processes and meditations that promote emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

The Process To Change Old Patterns (PDF)
- $6.00

The Chord Cutting Process (PDF)
- $6.00

Two Earth-Sky Meditations (PDF)
- $6.00

The Mind Room Meditation (PDF)
- $6.00

Process To Connect With Your Inner Child (PDF)
- $6.00

The Negative Affirmation Process (PDF)
- $6.00

Six Breathing Exercises (PDF)
- $6.00

Nine Kundalini Yoga Exercises (PDF)
- $6.00

All 8 of these files of Processes, Meditations & Exercises (zip)
- $35.00

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