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Clinical Intuition Technique Workshop (2 days)

During this two-day immersion, Dr. Hemphill will teach binary testing techniques: arm resistence testing and leg motion testing in order for you to receive yes/no answers from the Higher Self of your patients and of yourself.

Vito will work with each participant to validate your experience, and support you as you practice on sample patients and other physicians in the workshop.

You will learn how to test vials of medications and nutritional supplements (priority test) to determine which substance is best for your patients. (This includes testing for allergy to medications).

You will be taught how to adapt this testing to your specific healthcare practice and thereby improve your diagnostic and therapeutic success. Dr. Hemphill will demonstrate how this technique can be used to assist patients on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

You will learn how to go beyond the limits of your own mind and open to direct intuitive knowledge.

This unique form of testing will significantly improve the efficacy of your treatment modalities and demonstrate to your patients that you care enough to 'ask' the right questions.

Clinical Intuition Subtle Body Balancing Course (6 months)

The intention for this six-month course is to support physicians and psychotherapists to diagnose and treat specific emotional, mental and spiritual blockages in their patients. Testing procedures will be taught as to how to implement the 44 symbols (the language of the Higher Self) into their daily practice. Through these symbols, you will be able to determine repetitive patterns and practical processes to facilitate healing.

This program consists of three weekends in Santa Fe, New Mexico, four tele-classes, and thirty case studies. The Santa Fe trainings will be in the beginning, middle, and end of the six-month process. The group tele-classes will be offered between these sessions to answer questions and provide deeper insights while the techniques are being utilized with patients.

Dr. Hemphill estimates that eighty percent of his patients’ problems begin in the subtle body. If these aspects are not addressed, they will continue to manifest as dis-ease. In other words, you can take the symptoms away with medication and physical therapy, but if you do not treat the underlying “subtle body” cause, the problem will return.

To determine which course would be the best for you, please call Dr. Hemphill to discuss these programs in more detail.

For further information, scheduling and fees, please call: (505) 982-6665.

Drug/Supplement Testing Workshop

Practical Technique Workshop

Weekend Seminars Santa Fe, NM
Contact Vito for next date $495

Would you like to communicate directly with the Higher Self of each of your patients for their healing? Bypass the 'conscious mind' to get specific answers! Immediately access information about which drug or supplement will work best for each patient in real time! Do this in person or on the telephone!

Continue to use your own proven therapies while adding this amazing skill of Clinical Intuition to your practice!

You will learn the practical techniques of arm resistence testing, leg motion testing, and self testing. In only three days, you will be able to get yes/no answers. You can ask any question and get direct information from your own Higher Self and the Higher Selves of your patients.

This skill is a way to go much deeper in the healing process. It allows you to see beyond your mind and gives you a way to see much more than what your patients 'tell you'. Also, you will learn how to dianose and treat patients in person and over the telephone.

You will be shown how to adapt the testing and treatment procedures to your particular specialty.

MD's, DO's, DC's, ND's, CNP's or DOM's can use binary testing for 'drug/supplement testing' and you will be taught how to test drugs and/or natural supplements so that you can make better clinical choices using Clinical Intuition.

Clinical Intuition will teach you how to test 'compounded drugs'. With compounded drugs, there are many possible 'ratios' to be considered and many possible formulas to choose when prescribing the medications. Testing actually makes choosing easier.

You will learn how to make a 'custom drug/supplement test kit' containing samples of all the possible substances that you would potentially prescribe to patients. You will learn how to use that test kit to determine which substance or combination would be best for your specific patient. You will learn how to practically use the patient's physical body to test the actual product that you may want to administer. In this process, you will avoid allergic reactions by pre-screening the medications.

Test each of your patients

In less that two minutes

Drug/Supplement Testing Workshop
The cost is $495.00

Clinical Intuition Subtle Body Balancing Course

Six Month Course

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Contact Vito for a free consultation and to determine time of next class $3300 (payment via check only)

The goal of this six month long program is to teach a small group of practitioners how to use leg motion and arm resistance testing to access information directly from each client. You will learn how to use 44 symbols and a series of therapeutic processes to treat the emotional, mental, and spiritual issues affecting your clients for quicker and more lasting results.

This Subtle Body Balancing Course gives you accurate diagnosis and easy treatment techniques to improve the effectiveness of your clinical practice. Add Clinical Intuition to your 'bag of tricks' and help others heal.

This course includes three different three day practical workshops with Dr. Hemphill in Santa Fe. There will also be four group teleclasses, thirty patient case studies, a practical course manual, and private phone support. You will learn extensive diagnosis and treatment protocols to use with your patients. The six month length of this course will give you time to feel confident about using these skills.

Contact Vito: (505) 982-6665 or
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