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Answering From All Of Yourself

Answers often just come from your mind, but that is not good enough.  To get a ‘real answer’ you need to check with three different parts of yourself.  Those parts are your mind, your intuition, and your heart.  The key to the whole system is your heart!

Your mind is a closed box.  It simply rearranges data into different patterns to be able to see or act based on rearranging that which you already know.  That is why nothing truly new or paradigm breaking comes from your mind alone.  Tesla and Einstein came up with revolutionary concepts because they were intuitive.  They saw images in their dreams and then took those new concepts and generated new formulas from their minds.  Once the mind receives new intuitive input, it can generate new concepts like the theory of relativity (Einstein) or the details of ‘free energy’ from the torus magnetic grid of Earth (Tesla).  To see deeper and to be truly creative, you need your intuition.

The secret to hearing your intuition is to open your heart.  Intuition comes via your emotional body and that is completely connected to your heart.  The problem is that old pain blocks the heart and blocks your ability to hear Source.  If the emotional static of anger, fear, low self esteem, grief or so many other painful emotions are present in your unconscious, subconscious or consciousness; you will not hear your intuition.  This is why your heart is the key and your pain can keep you from getting the real answers that you seek.

So, ideally, you heal your emotional history, open your heart, hear your intuition, circulate all of that new input through your mind, and then make better choices that work in harmony with your soul.  It really needs to happen in this order to be most effective.  Without the input from your heart and your intuition, you are much more likely to be controlled by your pain and your ego working through your mind.  This is action that is disconnected from Source and it is usually less effective.

Conversely, you may have a clear heart and a strong intuition.  You may be getting the perfect downloads and truly seeing all of the secrets of the Universe, but without the mind, you will never be able to take your vision into action here on Earth.  Another example is that is you may be only ruled by your emotions (heart) without intuitive or mental clarity.  This also fails.  Emotions are the most unstable of all.  Emotions change from day to day and that is not a stable place to guide your actions.

So, you need to combine all three parts: the mind, heart and intuition at one time and so your higher will and our personal will can act together to help you manifest what you really need.  Long term therapy and spiritual practice do eventually lead to constant fusion of personal and higher wills.  This means that with enough healing and meditation, you can develop a constant connection between these three parts of yourself.

Clinical Intuition teaches you how to achieve this ‘fusion of consciousness’ so that you can be a better physician and a better person.  Clinical Intuition gives you practical tools to connect your mind directly with your heart and your intuition.  I am Dr. Vito Hemphill and I teach physicians how to get more fully connected with themselves in this way.  Once these levels of consciousness work together as a team, your life will be fuller and more effective and your work will reflect your increased inner clarity.  Details at:

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Learn Intuitive Testing Techniques

Learn Intuitive Testing Techniques

I can teach you how to do leg motion testing, arm resistence testing, and organ testing in only three days.  These are the basic techniques taught to access information directly from your inner intuitive knowing.  Your inner voice or intuition knows much more than your mind.  Your intuitive part is directly connected to Source which is the Universal Intelligence that all humans access all of the time without even knowing it.  People who practice listening and following what they hear are more effective and operate within ‘the flow’.

Whatever you focus on gets bigger and the intuition is no different.  The more you ask, listen, and respond from your place of true knowing, the more you will be shown.  Your inner guidance can become your teacher and the leader of your life.  You simply need to find a way to get solid feedback that are the ‘answers’ to your questions.  For some, it is a clear voice or words that are heard ‘in your head’.  For others it is ‘signs’ that come from situations and other people.  For instance, maybe you over hear a conversation in the ajoining grocery checkout line that is an indirect message (not spoken to you) that totally fits your life.  Some people call this synchronicity.  But the idea is to be aware of everything that goes on around you and to use all incoming information to improve your life.  The answers are all around you all of the time and all you have to do is really listen as if you were being given the most important information that you need in every moment.

Some people use pendulums or divination cards to see deeper into life.  Clinical Intuition gives you practical tools to access the universal flow (Source) to assist in healing yourself and others.  Many of use do receive intutive guidance, but that often comes intermittently and randomly.  Clinical Intuiton gives you quick and simple methods to get information on demand.  If you treat patients, you know that there are only so many minutes in a healing session and that you need knowledge quickly and on demand so that the patient gets what she needs.  Your inner guidance knows what you need in each moment.  I will teach you how to have instant access and I will teach you what to do with what you learn.  The more you practice this asking technique, the more confident you will become.

The good news is that this asking can be done in less than two minutes.  This technique is an ‘add-on’ to your currently diagnostic and therapeutic care.  You will continue to do everything that you have learned in school and during your years of practice (same work-up).  You will continue to use all of your diagnostic testing, verbal consultation, draw on your clinical experience, and  use your classic analysis of every situation that normally leads you to the proper diagnosis and treatment with each patient.

As you know, each patient is unique and the treatment that works for one patient may make another one even sicker.  For example, how do you foresee who may have an allergic reaction to a common drug?  If there are two problems, which do you treat first or do you treat them simultaneously?  Which healing modality(s) do you use and for how long?  Is the root cause physical, chemical, or emotional?  Why does the same problem keep re-occuring?  Will natural supplements or drugs be most effective in the healing process?  Is the patient’s problem based on toxicity or on a lack of basic nutrients?

The answers to these and many other questions can be determined using Intuitive Clinical Skills which are taught in the three day workshop.  This program is taught regualarly in Santa Fe or at universities, conferences and privately for groups of physicians.  The details of this program are outlined on my website:   I invite you to join our next class or to host a class in your hometowwn.  If you have any questions, please contact my directly at or call me at (505) 982-6665.


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How To Increase Your Intuitive Abilities

How To Increase Your Intuitive Abilities

After many years of working with Intuition, I have finally
articulated some basic premises about how to have more ‘Intuitive

I use the term Higher Self for the part of your subtle bodies that
connects most directly with Source. We have many subtle components
including the inner child, shadow, emotional body, mental body,
causal body, astral body, and higher mental body. It is the Higher
Mental Body that is the Higher Self. Some call this the ‘guardian
angel’ or that protective voice in your head that says something
profound when you need direction. Some folks do not even know it
exists and others hear it varying amounts of time each day. My
understanding is that part of each of us that holds the
perfect vision of our Self and where we are ideally going in life.
I believe that if we hear the Higher Self all the time, listen to
it, and act on what it says, we will not develop future negative
karma. In fact, the Higher Self will lead us down the perfect path
of greatest ease and delight.

We can also use this connection to heal ourselves and others. So,
‘how do we maximize this potential ally’?

We must create fertile ground within ourselves to hear our Higher
Self. I have identified several factors that increase connection to
Source and I will explain the basic premises now.

Here’s How It Works!

The key is your Heart! All intuitive guidance is first received via
your Heart and then the downloaded information can circulate in
your brain to formulate a new plan of action. But, if your Heart is
not ‘open’, you can not hear Source.
An open heart seems like such a cliche or some kind of new age
slang. No, it is the truth. Any ‘static’ in the Heart limits its
ability to connect to Source. I mean any anger, grief,
self-judgement or pain of any kind that you feel creates this
static that literally blocks input from Source. You know that when
you are frustrated, you do not feel open or inspired.

Your energy field receptors are like an invisible flower that
opens when you feel love and peace and closes when you feel discord.
It gets back to the saying in my book, ‘whatever you focus on gets
bigger’. If you focus on your pain, you will attract more pain, if
you focus on Source, you will hear more of what Source is saying.
Therefore, you need to process out the pain that has been held in
your Heart (somewhat blocking your connection) most likely for many

It is so easy to blame other people and situations that
have triggered your pain, but most likely, that pain was there long
before the recent triggers that upset you. So the secret is to clear the
emotional, mental, and spiritual pain that keeps you in ‘static’ at
your Heart and stop blaming others.

The other major factor is ‘staying in the present tense’ or what
Ram Dass said in his famous book from the 70’s called ‘Be Here
Now’. That’s right, keep your mind focused on what is right in
front of you right now! Do not let your mind wander into the past
or future. Along with this teaching goes the spiritual law of
‘never compare’.

As soon as you make any comparision, you have to make reference to
the past and what you and others have done before. It starts you
thinking backwards. “when I did this before, it…..” “I wish I
could do as well as when…..” “I really screwed it up this time
compared to last season…..” Lost, gone, disconnected from present
reality by regrets, guilt, and shame. These are the problems of
being fixed in the past.
Going forward in time is just as damaging and is usually based on
fear. If you are afraid, you will often think into the future to be
sure you have a solid plan, to be sure to avoid pitfalls and to
diminish your current experience of fear so you feel safe with your
new plan for ‘control’ of your future. You can have plans, but as
you know, things don’t usually go as planned, so it is really just
a silly mirage that keeps you from feeling current reality (your

What you do not feel, you can not process. So quit using your
mental body to keep from feeling your emotions.
To summarize, you need to stay ‘present’ in the present tense with a
static-free heart centered consciousness and process all the pain
that is within you. Then, you become a clear channel for your
Intuitive Self. Then, you are ‘in the flow’ and life truly gets
easier. It is easy to outline these steps, but the actual process
takes time and commitment. All of my students of ‘Clinical
Intuition’ are strongly encouraged to do the processing needed to
‘open your own channel to Source’.

I learned the following technique from the founder of James refers to the ‘Six Heart Virtues’ and how
they can be used to do what I just outlined.
The heart virtues are Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness,
Humility, Understanding , and Valor.

By living through these Heart virtues, you will elevate the Heart
to a place of peace and receptivity.

For example, let’s use the common example of divorce. Let’s say you
are in the middle of that ugly process and all you can think about
is how angry you are at your former spouse. Those feelings
monopolize your mind and create a huge static in your Heart. You
basically become mentally fixated for months and your ability to
hear your Higher Self diminishes. This is where you can use the Six
Heart Virtues to regain sanity and connection.
The Meditation
This exercise takes about 30 minutes per day and can be done even
while you are walking (normal exercise time). Begin by thinking
about the person you are angry at and think about some of the
situations from the past and present that get you angry (not hard
to do). Now, feel the word Appreciation and apply it to your
ex-spouse instead of the anger. Maybe you could apprciate the
personal growth that has come out of this painful experience. Stay
with this word and feeling, directing positive energy towards the
one who angers you for about 2-3 minutes. Then, move on to the next
word, Compassion, and do the same process and for all six virtues
for about 15 minutes.

Now, do the exact same thing for yourself. Apply all of the virtues
to You. This means that you have to forgive yourself for getting
involved, understand the deeper teaching of this relationship and
so on till you cover all six virtues of the Heart for Yourself.
This process eases the Heart, opens you to your own Higher Self,
and slowly after days of practice, the static leaves and sanity
returns. This really works!
Love is the only answer to every question!

Please contact me directly, if you have any questions. I teach this
type of healing and do one on one personal healing sessions on the
phone. Details are on my website at:

Bright Blessings,  Dr. Vito Hemphill

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What Are Subtle Bodies?

By Dr. Vito Hemphill

Subtle bodies are essential non-physical parts of every human being.  By
understanding these components, physicians will be more effective
healers.  The subtle bodies imprint directly into the physical body
to either create more health or more dis-ease.  If the physical body
is repaired and the subtle body issues are not addressed, dis-ease
will return again and again.  Physicians know those patients who are
usually stressed out and who share a lot of their drama during office
visits.  They are the ones you see the most, because they are most
out of balance on a subtle level.

Let’s examine the general anatomy of the subtle bodies.  The subtle bodies
include:  emotional, mental, astral, higher mental, causal, and
electro-magnetic (chakras, and nadis).  There are others, however, if
you focus on these, you will have much better clinical results.  The
emotional and mental bodies are already being addressed by many

Most competent physicians and psychotherapists already understand the
connection between stress and dis-ease.  Only a few of those
practitioners are actively helping patients with real counseling by
taking time in each visit to directly address emotional and mental
issues with the affected patients.  Talk therapy was the only way to
do this work prior to ‘psychotropic drugs’ and especially before the
discovery of anti-depressive drugs.

As physicians, you know the connection between subtle and physical.
Ulcers are an obvious example.  Fear and nervousness cause
indigestion, ulcerative colitis, intestinal cancer, gastric reflux or
ulcers.  You might say that gastric reflux can be proven on
radiological studies and therefore, it is a physical imperfection at
the hiatus not emotional or mental.  But, if the patient did not have
symptoms a decade ago, then why, all of a sudden, has it started now?

When you first see a patient, you can use Clinical Intuitive Skills to
determine the ‘true underlying cause’ of their problem.  The first
question should be, “is this problem most deeply caused by
physical, chemical or subtle issues?”  I use the term, ‘deeply’,
because the immediate cause of the disease may be chemical such as a
pathogen.  But what allowed that pathogen to ‘get into the system’ in
the first place.  You might suggest a compromised immune system.
Then, why is the immune system compromised?  These deeper questions
usually lead you into the subtle bodies causes of dis-ease.  It is
most likely a compromised subtle energy system and you can help.

Let’s get back to the anatomy.  The higher mental body is the same as the
Higher Self.  This is the part that answers when we ask questions
from the patient’s body using clinical intuitive skills.  The higher
mental body is the part that most directly communicates with Source
(God).  Everyone of us has this ‘inner voice’ that constantly
whispers in our ear and tries to get our personal will (mental body)
to listen.  The Higher Self never flatters and tells us the simple
and most graceful way to live to improve our health, general
well-being, and how to have a better life.

Some people already have the ability to hear their Higher Self all of the
time.  Other people hear it in emergency situations or only in deep
meditation.  Many people have no idea about what I am discussing.  It
is my contention that if people could hear their Higher Self more
often and follow what it says, life would be easier and they would
not develop ‘future negative karma’ or dis-ease.  This is the
essential core of the ‘ideological shift’ I have discussed in other

It is a shift in ‘thinking that you know’ to ‘asking the Higher Self’
for the deeper answers.  The higher mental body is your personal
teacher and Clinical Intuition teaches you ‘how to communicate’ with
that bigger part of yourself and what to do with the information you
get.  This truly has applications in every part of your life and in
every interaction with your patients!

The astral body is your personal dream vehicle.  Dreams are the
playground of thought forms and thought forms are the precursors of
future reality.  The astral level is the way in which all of the
subtle bodies interact and process outside of linear mental
consciousness.  As a practitioner, you can use intuitive clinical
skills to help your patients interpret and practically use their
dream lives to gain deeper insights into their subtle healing

Causal bodies are the time keepers of your past soul experiences.  Every
time you die, the essence of your life experience gets recorded in
your causal body.  Every time you reincarnate, the causal history get
imprinted into your new physical and subtle bodies to affect your new
life.  That is how soul patterns are passed between lifetimes.  As a
practitioner, you can help patients to see how their emotional and
mental reactions to life are not solely dependent on what is
happening in this lifetime.  This helps patients see how they have
attracted circumstances to trigger soul patterns that need to be
released and helps them to focus on the core issues. 

Clinical Intuition teaches physicians much more about subtle healing.  You
will learn what to do when you discover that most of what you have
already been treating are really ‘subtle body issues’.  My six month
course on Subtle Body Healing teaches you the specifics of this work.

Healing is so much easier and more profound when you let the Higher Self be
the true healer!  Learning how to communicate with the higher mental
body is the key to becoming a better physician.

 Many more details at:

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What Is Clinical Intuition?

What Is Clinical Intuition?

By:  Dr. Vito Hemphill


When we think of ‘clinical’, we think of physicians, offices, and
procedures that might be used to improve our health.  When there is
illness or dis-ease, we go to the doctor to get an evaluation and
treatment to heal our condition.  This is the standard procedure for
patients, but what is the standard of care for the physician?  How
does your doctor make the clinical choices that affect your health?
Does your doctor use the mind, emotions or intuition to get critical
information to resolve your condition?


We expect to be evaluated mentally.  We expect many  questions about our
symptoms.  Here are some of those questions that lead to mental
evaluation.  What aggravates your condition?  What helps decrease
your symptoms?  Have you had this before and what did you do about it
then?  And so on….  Until the physician has a mental picture of
what is happening .  Then comes the next big question, ‘what are we
going to do about it’?  This is the science of medicine and it has
worked pretty well for a long time.  What is being discussed so far
is only the ‘mental level of healing.’  Medicine today often
functions without any ‘intuition or emotion’ added.


We know that patients like doctors with a ‘good bedside manner’.  What
that really means is a doctor who is willing to take time to be
emotionally present with the patient.  This is simply emotional
rapport, not actually assisting the patient with their emotional
problems.  Patients love to ‘connect with the doctor’.  They love ‘to
feel’ that their doctor ‘listens, takes time, and really cares about
their problems’.  Patients want their physician to compassionately
connect with their pain.  In fact, most patients get more excited
about a ‘caring doctor’ than a ‘smart doctor’, but they honestly want
their doctor to be both.  However, a smart doctor with a great
bedside manner may still not be enough to get the patient better.


The part that may be missing is the clinician’s intuition.  The intuition
is the part that makes the final diagnostic and therapeutic choices.
Doctors listen to the story, does the examinations, reads the test
results, and make real decisions about your care.  But there is
always a point in that process where it is not a clear ‘yes or no’
for that patient.  Patients are unique individuals that react in
different ways to different procedures and drugs.  Their reactions
are not completely predictable and tolerances to therapy do vary
significantly.  A ‘good doctor’ develops ‘a careful eye’ to detect
the patients that do not quite fit the therapeutic picture or may
require special attention or modifications in care.  This is a fine
art and not a science. 

The advantage of older doctors is that they have more clinical experience
and are therefore are more likely to ‘pick up on the odd patient’ or
get subtle clues that may help avoid drug allergies or other
contraindications.  It is my contention that Clinical Intuition
can be learned as a science in itself.  You as a doctor can learn
simple ‘clinical intuitive skills’ that can be used in less
than two minutes to make final diagnostic and therapeutic choices
that do get better clinical results without the dangers of drug
allergies or other adverse reactions.


Clinical Intuition answers questions like which drug(s) to use, how
much of that drug, and for how long should it be taken?  Let’s use
the example of  a patient presenting with a swollen ankle.  Is is
fractured?  Is there a tear or damage to soft tissues?  Should x-rays
be taken?  Is casting needed?  Is bed rest needed?  Should the
patient use ice, physical therapy, a chiropractic adjustment of the
talus bone, a brace,  lymphatic massage, anti-inflammatory drugs,
homeopathic drugs, systemic digestive enzymes, diuretics, exercises
(passive or active), and/or elevation? 


Even with this simple example of a swollen ankle, you can see how many
choices you have to make.  What order or combination of the previous
therapies will be most effective for this particular patient?  How
does the physician decide?  The honest answer is that the doctor
makes the choices that have worked for most people in the past.
Unfortunately, that is not a very exacting science.  You can do better. 

Clinical Intuition is a tool that can be used with the mind and heart to yield much
better clinical results. 


Computers function in a binary way giving a series of zeros and ones that form
a binary code.  Clinical Intuition is also a binary testing procedure giving ‘yes or no’ answers.
One of the main testing methods is ‘arm resistance testing’ which
gives either a strong or weak muscle as an indicator.  If the muscle
is strong, then the answer is ‘yes’.  If the muscle is weak, then the
answer is ‘no’.  The other major indicator is ‘leg motion testing’ in
which a change of length equals ‘yes’ and no change equals ‘no’.


Once the doctor learns how to use these binary testing procedures, it is
easy to apply that testing to gain specific diagnostic and
therapeutic answers.  These answers shortcut the healing time and get
patients better much faster without risk of side effects.  Clinical
Intuition is a tool that is used during evaluation and
treatment to simplify and focus your care in a way that will be more
effective than just using your mind or emotions alone.


The best decisions that we make are made form our intuition, mind and
emotions (heart) at the same time.  If there is agreement between
these three levels of consciousness, then the answers are effective
and results are assured.  So, if things ‘feel right’, ‘make sense’,
and ‘are ‘intuitively guided’ they usually work.  It is when a part
of this equation is at odds with any other part, that we encounter
difficulties.  Too many of us are willing to accept logic alone and
not ask the question of how does this feel or what is my intuition


Many people do not know how to access their intuition or even know that we
have one.  Other people think of it as the ‘voice in their head’ or
the ‘inner knowing’ that speaks to clarify what is happening or to
give a warning.  Even the most intellectual people can be aware of
their intuitive part.  You can learn to communicate your intuition
just like you use your mind.  You can begin to make all you choices
in life from mind, heart, and intuition.  When this happens, you are
integrated and more effective in the world. 


This is the fusion of your higher and personal wills.  Some people have
already developed this talent through years of practicing meditation
and introspection.  By keeping the mind in the Observer mode, you can
watch your thoughts and actions and make choices from this bigger
part of yourself.  It has been said that when the personal will and
higher will work as one, there will be no more negative karma
produced.  In other words, when you act in unison with your
intuition, you will not produce future problems or imbalances.  It is
a built in safety factor that you can have with patients.  This gets
them better faster and protects you from malpractice.


Here is a personal example.  One night, at four AM, I was walking in the
wilderness and I stopped for a moment at the top of the ridge above
my house.  Based on the intensity of it’s voice, a large cougar
growled at me. Within a second, the voice of my Higher Self will told
me to ‘walk slowly down the mountain into my home’.  I didn’t
remember if I was supposed to ‘make myself look big’ or ‘to make
noise’.  I did not think about anything other that what I heard in my
head.  I immediately listened to my Higher Will and slowly walked
down that mountain.  I could not see that cat in the dark and it
really did not matter because I had gotten the message and was
walking slowing down the mountain.  I stopped for a moment and it
growled at me  again and could have attacked me.  The message was the
same, ‘walk slowly down the hill’.  I walked to the house, went
inside and I am still alive today thanks only to my willingness to
trust my Higher Self. 


If this technique can save me from a cougar, it can help you heal a
swollen ankle.  Clinical Intuition is an ideological shift in living. 
The shift is from ‘thinking you
know to asking for the answer’.  You can apply this technique to
yourself and the choices you make day to day in every aspect of your
life.  There is a certain humility that comes form being able to say,
‘I do not know’, ‘I will ask’.  ‘Asking’ puts you in a different
place.  It opens more possibilities and options that you might
normally not explore.  It widens your reality to be able to open to
the wider range of possible answers to include things that you would
not normally ‘think’ were options.  Including your intuition in your
life brings greater clarity, a bigger picture, and ultimately more


I am Dr. Vito Hemphill and I have been using ‘intuitive
clinical skills’ in my chiropractic practice for over 25 years
and now I teach other physicians how to use these same skills.  My
basic workshop is taught in three days  and you will learn ‘leg
motion testing and arm resistance testing’ so that you are able to
receive clinical information from your patients and yourself.  You
will also learn drug and supplement testing and how to adapt these
skills to your specific practice. 


The advanced subtle body balancing course is a six month course intended
to teach physicians and clinical psycho-therapists how to obtain
intuitive based emotional, mental, and spiritual information from
each patient
and how to treat what you find. 


Details at:



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Applications Of Intuitive Clinical Skills

Applications Of Intuitive Clinical Skills     By:  Dr. Vito Hemphill

As a physician, you can learn how to do ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’ in my three day workshop.  This will give you the ability to ask any ‘yes or no question’ about your patient by thinking the question silently or by stating it out loud to the patient.  You will also learn how to test vials of drugs, supplements, foods or any other items such as an orthotic using ‘on the body testing’.  These testing procedures are the basic ways to communicate with the Higher Self of your patient in order to get better and faster clinical results.  This is much more cost effective for the patient and will earn a fine reputation for the doctor.

You can also use these testing procedures with your patients to test organs and other physical structures of the body.  Beyond structure, you can learn how to use forty-four symbols as a complex vocabulary of the Higher Self to reveal emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that are often the deeper source of ‘dis-ease’.  These subtle body blockages cause real physical body problems ranging from pain to cancer.  The Clinical Intuition Subtle Body Balancing Course will teach you how to diagnosis and treat subtle body blockages.  This is a six month course offered through my website.

The most important way to use ‘Clinical Intuitive Skills’ is on yourself.  You can learn to ask questions about anything and then receive direct information from your own Higher Self.  If you consult your intuitive part when making every decision in your life, your life will go more smoothly and more gracefully.  When you Higher Self and personal will are in constant agreement, there is no more negative karma production.  Your life begins to unlock and prosperity comes in many ways by aligning with your Higher Self.  I will teach you how to ask these questions with a special form of leg motion testing in the three day workshop.

Clinical Intuition is a really helpful tool for healers of all denominations.  Anyone who is in the position of giving healing advice to patients or clients on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels would see a huge difference in your clinical outcomes by using ‘Intuitive Clinical Skills’ in your practice now!  I am speaking to clinical Ph.D’s, MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, DOM’s, CNP’s, ND’s, social workers, psychotherapists, tantra therapists, and other types of therapists. If patients are following your advice, then you should be asking their Higher Selves for more information on diagnosis and treatment.

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Making The Ideological Shift: In Patient Care

Making The Ideological Shift: In Patient Care             By:  Dr. Vito Hemphill

The ‘shift’ is from thinking you ‘know exactly what to do with each patient all of the time’ to a posture of ‘asking’. The new way is the art of ‘asking the intuitive self’ what to do in addition to what you already know.  The synthesis of mind and intuition reveals more complete and accurate answers based on the ‘uniqueness of your patient’.  This is respect!  This is humility and sensitivity in action.  Patients notice when you take the time to ask their body what is the final answer.

As the physician, you are taught ‘flow charts’.  You learn the science behind the charts and you are taught a reasoning process that leads you through flow charts in your mind that eventually end with a working diagnosis.  You then examine the science and the pathway you used to get to the diagnosis using lab tests, physical examination, subjective findings, objective findings, and your experience from past patients.  From all of this, you make a choice to name and treat a certain condition (your diagnosis).  Then, you must decide on the treatment plan which may include physical, chemical or even emotional interventions.   This is where you sit back down with your patient and announce your conclusions and the plan to resolve their condition.  This is good medicine using the accepted scientific model based solely on your clinical resources and practitioner skill level.

I want you to continue to do all the science I just outlined and I want you to add something to your process.  Clinical Intuitive Skills such as ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’ will allow you to ask a few final questions directly from the patient’s consciousness. This new type of testing will clarify more percisely which drug (how much and for how long) and which therapeutic modalities will be most effective.   You can ask ‘any yes and no question’ to clarify how to best institute you treatment plan for optimum results.

The best part of all of this new ideology is that the patients get better faster and they respect you more as a sensitive doctor.  You may be asking why would I get more respect this way?  The answer is you shifted your entire perspective from ‘knowing the answer automatically based on the flow chart’ to knowing what you found out and then being willing to explore even more possibilities with your patient.  The big shift is from MDiety to humility and the patients can feel this immediately!  Humility does not mean abandoning your mind and previous clinical skills.  It means expanding yourself!

About twentysome years ago when I was a young doctor I went to many emotional therapists in an attempt to resolve my childhood problems.  I remember one day when I went to my Ph.D Jungian therapist and she said, “today we  are going to talk about a real challenging subject and that is your MDiety.”  I had never heard of such a thing and I considered myself to be a sensitive doctor who always respected my patients.  My therapist showed me that I did have an ‘unhealthy ego’ and that I put my opinions above those of my patients.  It was subtle and it ran deep within me.

My dad was a east coast surgeon and his friends were all MD’s and this was my world growing up.  I learned subtle and not so subtle cues about my  ‘position in the world.’  I was passing those attitudes on to my friends and patients, unknowingly.  That day, in therapy, I decided to ‘own my self-righteousness.’

For many weeks, I watch my interactions with each patient that came to my office.  I saw the subtle nature of my arrogance and gradually changed my words and communication patterns until I could see a difference.  I used more ‘clinical intuitive skills’ to get past my mind and to honor the patient’s intuitive answers.  They got better faster and we felt closer to each other as people.  It was as if a wall was removed between them and me.  I had not lost any ‘authority’, if fact I had gained their respect and greater compliance with my suggestions.  I felt ‘lighter’ and more joyful in my work just being ‘closer to my patients’.

So, I encourage you to ‘make the ideological shift’ and realize that as you become more vulnerable and available on a human level, you will be more successful with your practice and your life!  Clinical Intuition will give you real clinical skills that effectively brings this healthy new perspective in patient care.

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Definition of ‘Clinical Intuitive Skills’

Clinical skills are the mechanism that can be used to communicate with the ‘intuitive part’ of your patient. Physicians and therapists can learn reproducible techniques to get ‘answers’ that will increase the therapeutic success rate. Patients will get better faster and will require less follow up care.

The primary intuitive clinical skill is ‘binary testing’. This means getting a clear yes or no answer and there are no ‘maybe answers’. I teach ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’. Once the physician learns how to get reproducible answers, then I teach various applications tailored to your specific clinical practice. These applications include drug and supplement testing to determine the ‘drug(s) of choice’ and to avoid allergic reactions. I will teach you how to use testing to determine dosage and even the best time to administer the drug (w or w/o food, etc.).  I also teach how to diagnosis and treat emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that are often the deeper cause of ‘dis-ease’.

Many clinical choices can be made using these testing procedures. You can ask any question that requires a yes or no answer. For example, ‘should I suggest heat or ice?’ ‘should I leave the stitches in longer?’ ‘is this patient allergic to gluten?’ ‘should I order a certain panel of lab tests?’ ‘is the deeper cause of these symptoms physical, chemical, or emotional?’ ‘when should I ask my patient to return for more of my care?’ ‘will a referral to a chiropractic physician help this patient to get better faster?’

We already have our own answers to these questions based on our training and past clinical experience. The ‘usual answer’ will work for most of the patients most of the time because it has in the past. But what about those patients it does not work for some of the time. The patients who have already been to several other doctors and who are now putting their trust in you. I contend that you will help them if you are willing to use all of our old clinical skills and then ‘ask’ their Higher Self for their best treatment protocol using Clinical Intuition. This really works!

After you have done all your analysis and determined your working diagnosis, then you most choose which drug and all the other components for the proper course of treatment. This is the juncture where Clinical Intuition really helps. For example, you probably have at least 3-6 different drugs in the same class that would possibly work. You probably start with the least toxic one(s) and see if you get results. If the first one fails you try the next least toxic substance and so on till you get a clinical result.

But, all of that takes time and patient compliance and the problem often worsens during the extended treatment period. What if the proper substance was not the least toxic, but worked immediately. If you started with leg motion testing, the patient could get better faster and receive less total toxicity. Also, you would be sure to avoid allergic reactions to a new drug that the patient never tried before (a huge concern).  How are you screening for potential allergic reaction now?

I can teach you how to do this testing and I will help you apply it to your specific clinical setting to maximize your therapeutic results.

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This series of blogposts are written by Dr. Vito Hemphill.  The intention is to explain the principles of clinical intuition in greater depth.  Your feedback is appreciated.

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