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Intuitive 30 Minute Phone Consultations

How many times have you made choices from the mind forgetting your heart and your Higher Self....

How can you make on-going decisions that include all parts of yourself?....

Vito is available by phone to help you see yourself more clearly and make important decisions. These may include:

• Health Concerns

• Subtle Body Healing

• Relationship Issues

• Business Choices

• Life Choices

Dr. Vito Hemphill supports you in getting the exact information you need to make these better choices and decisions, as he uses direct guidance from your deepest levels of awareness.

When you are cognizant of what is blocking you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you are able to move forward in your life with ease and grace.

A thirty minute session on the phone or in person will allow Vito to take you on a journey into your past, present, and future and help you learn what changes you can make to achieve your goals, heal your pain, and have a more graceful, fulfilling life.

Call now to set up a phone session! - (505) 982-6665

Intuitive Phone Consultations

30 Minute Intuitive Phone Consultations.

These sessions will change your life by giving you the intuitive information you need most now. Ask questions about relationships, family, love, work, and anything that really matters to you.

Save more by buying five sessions at one time and work with Dr. Hemphill over time to make lasting changes.

For further information, scheduling and fees:

Please call (505) 982-6665

If you have a discount code, enter here:
Intuitive Phone Consultations With Vito (one session)
The cost is $105.00

Intuitive Phone Consultations With Vito (5 session pack)
The cost is $430.00

Contact Vito: (505) 982-6665 or
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