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Answering From All Of Yourself

Answers often just come from your mind, but that is not good enough.  To get a ‘real answer’ you need to check with three different parts of yourself.  Those parts are your mind, your intuition, and your heart.  The key to the whole system is your heart!

Your mind is a closed box.  It simply rearranges data into different patterns to be able to see or act based on rearranging that which you already know.  That is why nothing truly new or paradigm breaking comes from your mind alone.  Tesla and Einstein came up with revolutionary concepts because they were intuitive.  They saw images in their dreams and then took those new concepts and generated new formulas from their minds.  Once the mind receives new intuitive input, it can generate new concepts like the theory of relativity (Einstein) or the details of ‘free energy’ from the torus magnetic grid of Earth (Tesla).  To see deeper and to be truly creative, you need your intuition.

The secret to hearing your intuition is to open your heart.  Intuition comes via your emotional body and that is completely connected to your heart.  The problem is that old pain blocks the heart and blocks your ability to hear Source.  If the emotional static of anger, fear, low self esteem, grief or so many other painful emotions are present in your unconscious, subconscious or consciousness; you will not hear your intuition.  This is why your heart is the key and your pain can keep you from getting the real answers that you seek.

So, ideally, you heal your emotional history, open your heart, hear your intuition, circulate all of that new input through your mind, and then make better choices that work in harmony with your soul.  It really needs to happen in this order to be most effective.  Without the input from your heart and your intuition, you are much more likely to be controlled by your pain and your ego working through your mind.  This is action that is disconnected from Source and it is usually less effective.

Conversely, you may have a clear heart and a strong intuition.  You may be getting the perfect downloads and truly seeing all of the secrets of the Universe, but without the mind, you will never be able to take your vision into action here on Earth.  Another example is that is you may be only ruled by your emotions (heart) without intuitive or mental clarity.  This also fails.  Emotions are the most unstable of all.  Emotions change from day to day and that is not a stable place to guide your actions.

So, you need to combine all three parts: the mind, heart and intuition at one time and so your higher will and our personal will can act together to help you manifest what you really need.  Long term therapy and spiritual practice do eventually lead to constant fusion of personal and higher wills.  This means that with enough healing and meditation, you can develop a constant connection between these three parts of yourself.

Clinical Intuition teaches you how to achieve this ‘fusion of consciousness’ so that you can be a better physician and a better person.  Clinical Intuition gives you practical tools to connect your mind directly with your heart and your intuition.  I am Dr. Vito Hemphill and I teach physicians how to get more fully connected with themselves in this way.  Once these levels of consciousness work together as a team, your life will be fuller and more effective and your work will reflect your increased inner clarity.  Details at:

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