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Learn Intuitive Testing Techniques

Learn Intuitive Testing Techniques

I can teach you how to do leg motion testing, arm resistence testing, and organ testing in only three days.  These are the basic techniques taught to access information directly from your inner intuitive knowing.  Your inner voice or intuition knows much more than your mind.  Your intuitive part is directly connected to Source which is the Universal Intelligence that all humans access all of the time without even knowing it.  People who practice listening and following what they hear are more effective and operate within ‘the flow’.

Whatever you focus on gets bigger and the intuition is no different.  The more you ask, listen, and respond from your place of true knowing, the more you will be shown.  Your inner guidance can become your teacher and the leader of your life.  You simply need to find a way to get solid feedback that are the ‘answers’ to your questions.  For some, it is a clear voice or words that are heard ‘in your head’.  For others it is ‘signs’ that come from situations and other people.  For instance, maybe you over hear a conversation in the ajoining grocery checkout line that is an indirect message (not spoken to you) that totally fits your life.  Some people call this synchronicity.  But the idea is to be aware of everything that goes on around you and to use all incoming information to improve your life.  The answers are all around you all of the time and all you have to do is really listen as if you were being given the most important information that you need in every moment.

Some people use pendulums or divination cards to see deeper into life.  Clinical Intuition gives you practical tools to access the universal flow (Source) to assist in healing yourself and others.  Many of use do receive intutive guidance, but that often comes intermittently and randomly.  Clinical Intuiton gives you quick and simple methods to get information on demand.  If you treat patients, you know that there are only so many minutes in a healing session and that you need knowledge quickly and on demand so that the patient gets what she needs.  Your inner guidance knows what you need in each moment.  I will teach you how to have instant access and I will teach you what to do with what you learn.  The more you practice this asking technique, the more confident you will become.

The good news is that this asking can be done in less than two minutes.  This technique is an ‘add-on’ to your currently diagnostic and therapeutic care.  You will continue to do everything that you have learned in school and during your years of practice (same work-up).  You will continue to use all of your diagnostic testing, verbal consultation, draw on your clinical experience, and  use your classic analysis of every situation that normally leads you to the proper diagnosis and treatment with each patient.

As you know, each patient is unique and the treatment that works for one patient may make another one even sicker.  For example, how do you foresee who may have an allergic reaction to a common drug?  If there are two problems, which do you treat first or do you treat them simultaneously?  Which healing modality(s) do you use and for how long?  Is the root cause physical, chemical, or emotional?  Why does the same problem keep re-occuring?  Will natural supplements or drugs be most effective in the healing process?  Is the patient’s problem based on toxicity or on a lack of basic nutrients?

The answers to these and many other questions can be determined using Intuitive Clinical Skills which are taught in the three day workshop.  This program is taught regualarly in Santa Fe or at universities, conferences and privately for groups of physicians.  The details of this program are outlined on my website:   I invite you to join our next class or to host a class in your hometowwn.  If you have any questions, please contact my directly at or call me at (505) 982-6665.


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