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What Are Subtle Bodies?

By Dr. Vito Hemphill

Subtle bodies are essential non-physical parts of every human being.  By
understanding these components, physicians will be more effective
healers.  The subtle bodies imprint directly into the physical body
to either create more health or more dis-ease.  If the physical body
is repaired and the subtle body issues are not addressed, dis-ease
will return again and again.  Physicians know those patients who are
usually stressed out and who share a lot of their drama during office
visits.  They are the ones you see the most, because they are most
out of balance on a subtle level.

Let’s examine the general anatomy of the subtle bodies.  The subtle bodies
include:  emotional, mental, astral, higher mental, causal, and
electro-magnetic (chakras, and nadis).  There are others, however, if
you focus on these, you will have much better clinical results.  The
emotional and mental bodies are already being addressed by many

Most competent physicians and psychotherapists already understand the
connection between stress and dis-ease.  Only a few of those
practitioners are actively helping patients with real counseling by
taking time in each visit to directly address emotional and mental
issues with the affected patients.  Talk therapy was the only way to
do this work prior to ‘psychotropic drugs’ and especially before the
discovery of anti-depressive drugs.

As physicians, you know the connection between subtle and physical.
Ulcers are an obvious example.  Fear and nervousness cause
indigestion, ulcerative colitis, intestinal cancer, gastric reflux or
ulcers.  You might say that gastric reflux can be proven on
radiological studies and therefore, it is a physical imperfection at
the hiatus not emotional or mental.  But, if the patient did not have
symptoms a decade ago, then why, all of a sudden, has it started now?

When you first see a patient, you can use Clinical Intuitive Skills to
determine the ‘true underlying cause’ of their problem.  The first
question should be, “is this problem most deeply caused by
physical, chemical or subtle issues?”  I use the term, ‘deeply’,
because the immediate cause of the disease may be chemical such as a
pathogen.  But what allowed that pathogen to ‘get into the system’ in
the first place.  You might suggest a compromised immune system.
Then, why is the immune system compromised?  These deeper questions
usually lead you into the subtle bodies causes of dis-ease.  It is
most likely a compromised subtle energy system and you can help.

Let’s get back to the anatomy.  The higher mental body is the same as the
Higher Self.  This is the part that answers when we ask questions
from the patient’s body using clinical intuitive skills.  The higher
mental body is the part that most directly communicates with Source
(God).  Everyone of us has this ‘inner voice’ that constantly
whispers in our ear and tries to get our personal will (mental body)
to listen.  The Higher Self never flatters and tells us the simple
and most graceful way to live to improve our health, general
well-being, and how to have a better life.

Some people already have the ability to hear their Higher Self all of the
time.  Other people hear it in emergency situations or only in deep
meditation.  Many people have no idea about what I am discussing.  It
is my contention that if people could hear their Higher Self more
often and follow what it says, life would be easier and they would
not develop ‘future negative karma’ or dis-ease.  This is the
essential core of the ‘ideological shift’ I have discussed in other

It is a shift in ‘thinking that you know’ to ‘asking the Higher Self’
for the deeper answers.  The higher mental body is your personal
teacher and Clinical Intuition teaches you ‘how to communicate’ with
that bigger part of yourself and what to do with the information you
get.  This truly has applications in every part of your life and in
every interaction with your patients!

The astral body is your personal dream vehicle.  Dreams are the
playground of thought forms and thought forms are the precursors of
future reality.  The astral level is the way in which all of the
subtle bodies interact and process outside of linear mental
consciousness.  As a practitioner, you can use intuitive clinical
skills to help your patients interpret and practically use their
dream lives to gain deeper insights into their subtle healing

Causal bodies are the time keepers of your past soul experiences.  Every
time you die, the essence of your life experience gets recorded in
your causal body.  Every time you reincarnate, the causal history get
imprinted into your new physical and subtle bodies to affect your new
life.  That is how soul patterns are passed between lifetimes.  As a
practitioner, you can help patients to see how their emotional and
mental reactions to life are not solely dependent on what is
happening in this lifetime.  This helps patients see how they have
attracted circumstances to trigger soul patterns that need to be
released and helps them to focus on the core issues. 

Clinical Intuition teaches physicians much more about subtle healing.  You
will learn what to do when you discover that most of what you have
already been treating are really ‘subtle body issues’.  My six month
course on Subtle Body Healing teaches you the specifics of this work.

Healing is so much easier and more profound when you let the Higher Self be
the true healer!  Learning how to communicate with the higher mental
body is the key to becoming a better physician.

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