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Definition of ‘Clinical Intuitive Skills’

Clinical skills are the mechanism that can be used to communicate with the ‘intuitive part’ of your patient. Physicians and therapists can learn reproducible techniques to get ‘answers’ that will increase the therapeutic success rate. Patients will get better faster and will require less follow up care.

The primary intuitive clinical skill is ‘binary testing’. This means getting a clear yes or no answer and there are no ‘maybe answers’. I teach ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’. Once the physician learns how to get reproducible answers, then I teach various applications tailored to your specific clinical practice. These applications include drug and supplement testing to determine the ‘drug(s) of choice’ and to avoid allergic reactions. I will teach you how to use testing to determine dosage and even the best time to administer the drug (w or w/o food, etc.).  I also teach how to diagnosis and treat emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that are often the deeper cause of ‘dis-ease’.

Many clinical choices can be made using these testing procedures. You can ask any question that requires a yes or no answer. For example, ‘should I suggest heat or ice?’ ‘should I leave the stitches in longer?’ ‘is this patient allergic to gluten?’ ‘should I order a certain panel of lab tests?’ ‘is the deeper cause of these symptoms physical, chemical, or emotional?’ ‘when should I ask my patient to return for more of my care?’ ‘will a referral to a chiropractic physician help this patient to get better faster?’

We already have our own answers to these questions based on our training and past clinical experience. The ‘usual answer’ will work for most of the patients most of the time because it has in the past. But what about those patients it does not work for some of the time. The patients who have already been to several other doctors and who are now putting their trust in you. I contend that you will help them if you are willing to use all of our old clinical skills and then ‘ask’ their Higher Self for their best treatment protocol using Clinical Intuition. This really works!

After you have done all your analysis and determined your working diagnosis, then you most choose which drug and all the other components for the proper course of treatment. This is the juncture where Clinical Intuition really helps. For example, you probably have at least 3-6 different drugs in the same class that would possibly work. You probably start with the least toxic one(s) and see if you get results. If the first one fails you try the next least toxic substance and so on till you get a clinical result.

But, all of that takes time and patient compliance and the problem often worsens during the extended treatment period. What if the proper substance was not the least toxic, but worked immediately. If you started with leg motion testing, the patient could get better faster and receive less total toxicity. Also, you would be sure to avoid allergic reactions to a new drug that the patient never tried before (a huge concern).  How are you screening for potential allergic reaction now?

I can teach you how to do this testing and I will help you apply it to your specific clinical setting to maximize your therapeutic results.

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