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Applications Of Intuitive Clinical Skills

Applications Of Intuitive Clinical Skills     By:  Dr. Vito Hemphill

As a physician, you can learn how to do ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’ in my three day workshop.  This will give you the ability to ask any ‘yes or no question’ about your patient by thinking the question silently or by stating it out loud to the patient.  You will also learn how to test vials of drugs, supplements, foods or any other items such as an orthotic using ‘on the body testing’.  These testing procedures are the basic ways to communicate with the Higher Self of your patient in order to get better and faster clinical results.  This is much more cost effective for the patient and will earn a fine reputation for the doctor.

You can also use these testing procedures with your patients to test organs and other physical structures of the body.  Beyond structure, you can learn how to use forty-four symbols as a complex vocabulary of the Higher Self to reveal emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that are often the deeper source of ‘dis-ease’.  These subtle body blockages cause real physical body problems ranging from pain to cancer.  The Clinical Intuition Subtle Body Balancing Course will teach you how to diagnosis and treat subtle body blockages.  This is a six month course offered through my website.

The most important way to use ‘Clinical Intuitive Skills’ is on yourself.  You can learn to ask questions about anything and then receive direct information from your own Higher Self.  If you consult your intuitive part when making every decision in your life, your life will go more smoothly and more gracefully.  When you Higher Self and personal will are in constant agreement, there is no more negative karma production.  Your life begins to unlock and prosperity comes in many ways by aligning with your Higher Self.  I will teach you how to ask these questions with a special form of leg motion testing in the three day workshop.

Clinical Intuition is a really helpful tool for healers of all denominations.  Anyone who is in the position of giving healing advice to patients or clients on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels would see a huge difference in your clinical outcomes by using ‘Intuitive Clinical Skills’ in your practice now!  I am speaking to clinical Ph.D’s, MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, DOM’s, CNP’s, ND’s, social workers, psychotherapists, tantra therapists, and other types of therapists. If patients are following your advice, then you should be asking their Higher Selves for more information on diagnosis and treatment.

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