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Applications Of Intuitive Clinical Skills

Applications Of Intuitive Clinical Skills     By:  Dr. Vito Hemphill

As a physician, you can learn how to do ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’ in my three day workshop.  This will give you the ability to ask any ‘yes or no question’ about your patient by thinking the question silently or by stating it out loud to the patient.  You will also learn how to test vials of drugs, supplements, foods or any other items such as an orthotic using ‘on the body testing’.  These testing procedures are the basic ways to communicate with the Higher Self of your patient in order to get better and faster clinical results.  This is much more cost effective for the patient and will earn a fine reputation for the doctor.

You can also use these testing procedures with your patients to test organs and other physical structures of the body.  Beyond structure, you can learn how to use forty-four symbols as a complex vocabulary of the Higher Self to reveal emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that are often the deeper source of ‘dis-ease’.  These subtle body blockages cause real physical body problems ranging from pain to cancer.  The Clinical Intuition Subtle Body Balancing Course will teach you how to diagnosis and treat subtle body blockages.  This is a six month course offered through my website.

The most important way to use ‘Clinical Intuitive Skills’ is on yourself.  You can learn to ask questions about anything and then receive direct information from your own Higher Self.  If you consult your intuitive part when making every decision in your life, your life will go more smoothly and more gracefully.  When you Higher Self and personal will are in constant agreement, there is no more negative karma production.  Your life begins to unlock and prosperity comes in many ways by aligning with your Higher Self.  I will teach you how to ask these questions with a special form of leg motion testing in the three day workshop.

Clinical Intuition is a really helpful tool for healers of all denominations.  Anyone who is in the position of giving healing advice to patients or clients on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual levels would see a huge difference in your clinical outcomes by using ‘Intuitive Clinical Skills’ in your practice now!  I am speaking to clinical Ph.D’s, MD’s, DO’s, DC’s, DOM’s, CNP’s, ND’s, social workers, psychotherapists, tantra therapists, and other types of therapists. If patients are following your advice, then you should be asking their Higher Selves for more information on diagnosis and treatment.

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Making The Ideological Shift: In Patient Care

Making The Ideological Shift: In Patient Care             By:  Dr. Vito Hemphill

The ‘shift’ is from thinking you ‘know exactly what to do with each patient all of the time’ to a posture of ‘asking’. The new way is the art of ‘asking the intuitive self’ what to do in addition to what you already know.  The synthesis of mind and intuition reveals more complete and accurate answers based on the ‘uniqueness of your patient’.  This is respect!  This is humility and sensitivity in action.  Patients notice when you take the time to ask their body what is the final answer.

As the physician, you are taught ‘flow charts’.  You learn the science behind the charts and you are taught a reasoning process that leads you through flow charts in your mind that eventually end with a working diagnosis.  You then examine the science and the pathway you used to get to the diagnosis using lab tests, physical examination, subjective findings, objective findings, and your experience from past patients.  From all of this, you make a choice to name and treat a certain condition (your diagnosis).  Then, you must decide on the treatment plan which may include physical, chemical or even emotional interventions.   This is where you sit back down with your patient and announce your conclusions and the plan to resolve their condition.  This is good medicine using the accepted scientific model based solely on your clinical resources and practitioner skill level.

I want you to continue to do all the science I just outlined and I want you to add something to your process.  Clinical Intuitive Skills such as ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’ will allow you to ask a few final questions directly from the patient’s consciousness. This new type of testing will clarify more percisely which drug (how much and for how long) and which therapeutic modalities will be most effective.   You can ask ‘any yes and no question’ to clarify how to best institute you treatment plan for optimum results.

The best part of all of this new ideology is that the patients get better faster and they respect you more as a sensitive doctor.  You may be asking why would I get more respect this way?  The answer is you shifted your entire perspective from ‘knowing the answer automatically based on the flow chart’ to knowing what you found out and then being willing to explore even more possibilities with your patient.  The big shift is from MDiety to humility and the patients can feel this immediately!  Humility does not mean abandoning your mind and previous clinical skills.  It means expanding yourself!

About twentysome years ago when I was a young doctor I went to many emotional therapists in an attempt to resolve my childhood problems.  I remember one day when I went to my Ph.D Jungian therapist and she said, “today we  are going to talk about a real challenging subject and that is your MDiety.”  I had never heard of such a thing and I considered myself to be a sensitive doctor who always respected my patients.  My therapist showed me that I did have an ‘unhealthy ego’ and that I put my opinions above those of my patients.  It was subtle and it ran deep within me.

My dad was a east coast surgeon and his friends were all MD’s and this was my world growing up.  I learned subtle and not so subtle cues about my  ‘position in the world.’  I was passing those attitudes on to my friends and patients, unknowingly.  That day, in therapy, I decided to ‘own my self-righteousness.’

For many weeks, I watch my interactions with each patient that came to my office.  I saw the subtle nature of my arrogance and gradually changed my words and communication patterns until I could see a difference.  I used more ‘clinical intuitive skills’ to get past my mind and to honor the patient’s intuitive answers.  They got better faster and we felt closer to each other as people.  It was as if a wall was removed between them and me.  I had not lost any ‘authority’, if fact I had gained their respect and greater compliance with my suggestions.  I felt ‘lighter’ and more joyful in my work just being ‘closer to my patients’.

So, I encourage you to ‘make the ideological shift’ and realize that as you become more vulnerable and available on a human level, you will be more successful with your practice and your life!  Clinical Intuition will give you real clinical skills that effectively brings this healthy new perspective in patient care.

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Definition of ‘Clinical Intuitive Skills’

Clinical skills are the mechanism that can be used to communicate with the ‘intuitive part’ of your patient. Physicians and therapists can learn reproducible techniques to get ‘answers’ that will increase the therapeutic success rate. Patients will get better faster and will require less follow up care.

The primary intuitive clinical skill is ‘binary testing’. This means getting a clear yes or no answer and there are no ‘maybe answers’. I teach ‘leg motion testing’ and ‘arm resistance testing’. Once the physician learns how to get reproducible answers, then I teach various applications tailored to your specific clinical practice. These applications include drug and supplement testing to determine the ‘drug(s) of choice’ and to avoid allergic reactions. I will teach you how to use testing to determine dosage and even the best time to administer the drug (w or w/o food, etc.).  I also teach how to diagnosis and treat emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that are often the deeper cause of ‘dis-ease’.

Many clinical choices can be made using these testing procedures. You can ask any question that requires a yes or no answer. For example, ‘should I suggest heat or ice?’ ‘should I leave the stitches in longer?’ ‘is this patient allergic to gluten?’ ‘should I order a certain panel of lab tests?’ ‘is the deeper cause of these symptoms physical, chemical, or emotional?’ ‘when should I ask my patient to return for more of my care?’ ‘will a referral to a chiropractic physician help this patient to get better faster?’

We already have our own answers to these questions based on our training and past clinical experience. The ‘usual answer’ will work for most of the patients most of the time because it has in the past. But what about those patients it does not work for some of the time. The patients who have already been to several other doctors and who are now putting their trust in you. I contend that you will help them if you are willing to use all of our old clinical skills and then ‘ask’ their Higher Self for their best treatment protocol using Clinical Intuition. This really works!

After you have done all your analysis and determined your working diagnosis, then you most choose which drug and all the other components for the proper course of treatment. This is the juncture where Clinical Intuition really helps. For example, you probably have at least 3-6 different drugs in the same class that would possibly work. You probably start with the least toxic one(s) and see if you get results. If the first one fails you try the next least toxic substance and so on till you get a clinical result.

But, all of that takes time and patient compliance and the problem often worsens during the extended treatment period. What if the proper substance was not the least toxic, but worked immediately. If you started with leg motion testing, the patient could get better faster and receive less total toxicity. Also, you would be sure to avoid allergic reactions to a new drug that the patient never tried before (a huge concern).  How are you screening for potential allergic reaction now?

I can teach you how to do this testing and I will help you apply it to your specific clinical setting to maximize your therapeutic results.

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Welcome to the Clinical Intuition Blog

This series of blogposts are written by Dr. Vito Hemphill.  The intention is to explain the principles of clinical intuition in greater depth.  Your feedback is appreciated.

You can also reach Dr. Hemphill directly at:

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